Hypersyntelicos / Screen frames

Code: SL 001
Artist: No j forkys / Paramount split 12”
Title: Hypersyntelicos / Screen frames
Format: 12” maxi single
Year: 2004


This split e.p. introduces No j forkys to the international electro community with a track that has been a success before it’s release due to radio & club jockeys who loved it and keep supporting it since listeners have been responding with enthusiasm to it’s unique sound. A mixture of ethnic instrumentation & aggressive breakbeats with a rock attitude!

On the other hand –or side if you prefer– Paramount have been known abroad due to their participation in international compilations and tributes (King Tubby’s “Dubwise” is worth mentioning), as Paramount or by their members’ names dj Lo-fi & dj Blend.
A wild trip from tribal vocals & batucada percussion to tech-house including killer bass lines, remixed by the Digital Alchemist.

UK airplay: BBC (John Peel, Hermeet Chadha, Paul Thomas)
Reviews: Straight No Chaser mag. – Jockey Slut mag.

Sound Clips

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