YESTERDAS CHILDREN - Yesterdays Children (CD)

Yesterdays Children  (CD)
Setticlavio SET 1006/CD A CD
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1. Paranoia
2. Sad Born Loser
3. What of I
4. She's Easy
5. Sailing
6. Providence Bummer
7. Evil Woman
8. Hunter's Moon

Pretty rockin' American psychedelic stuff from 1969. The guitar is very impressive especially on the tracks "Sailing" and "Hunter's Moon." After listening to the album a few times, it grows on you and just want to rock out! If there is such a thing as psychedelic metal, "Hunter's Moon" perfects and embodies it. There are a couple of average songs that flatten out the overall prestige of the album, but for the most part, it is a great slice of psychedelic hard rock from America. Give props to it's heaviness for 1969.

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