Peach Pit - Music For Three Films (Cassette)

Peach Pit
Music For Three Films  (Cassette)
Guranje S Litice / Interstellar Records
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Recorded manually at home in February and March of 2013 on new Sony UXS90 IEC II/Type II audio cassettes. Comes with pin badge in silkscreened cardboard box. Limited edition of 70 copies.

A1 "Le Ballet Mécanique" Soundtrack 16:16
A2 "Un Chien Andalou" Soundtrack 16:18

"Vinko Na Krovu" Soundtrack (21:39)
B1 Part I 4:14
B2 Part II 1:25
B3 Part III 3:23
B4 Part IV 0:39
B5 Part V 1:42
B6 Part VI 1:12
B7 Part VII 1:55
B8 Part VIII 1:05
B9 Part IX 6:04

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