ELYSIUM - Fog Days (CD)

Fog Days  (CD)
Hitland SML 019
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A lost gem from Switzerland, produced in the early 80s in a micro pressing and gone in no time. This CD reissue is a very good transcription from a clean copy of the LP. Since it is all we have there is no sense dwelling on that reality. Musically this is firmly in the vein of mid 70s Camel or Genesis. Nice flute passages and some great electric guitar. Although this gets listed frequently as having mellotron, in fact all of the keys are organ, Wurlitzer electric piano & Crumar string machine plus a little vocoder and a Roland Jupiter 4 synth , the use of which prevents this from being any earlier than 1978 (which is when Roland started manufacturing it). There is precious little information available about this release and some vendors have described it as being from the "mid 70s" but this is impossible. I would guess that this was recorded in the early 80s, maybe 81 or 82. Still it is a fine little gem that, though it sounds a bit dated now, stands up pretty well to the passage of time! Recommended if you enjoy, as many of us do, a band of musicians just making art for art's sake!

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