The Steepwater Band - Dharmakaya (CD)

The Steepwater Band
Dharmakaya  (CD)
Evangeline Rerords Ltd. Funzalo Records
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Reviewed by Eric Steiner

I wrote that Chicago's Steepwater Band is the past, present and future of the blues when I heard them play one of my favorite songs, "Dust My Broom," on a self-released CD a few years ago. After a handful of self-released CDs that I've discovered, I still believe that. With their first national release on Funzalo Records, they're finally getting more and well-deserved pop with a dozen cuts that veer toward rock and away from traditional blues. Michael Connelly and Jeff Massey's vocals are blues-perfect, built around Todd Bowers' bass and Joe Winters' drums. The slide-fueled "Back to the Bottle" and the high-energy "House is Burning" are two must-hear cuts, along with the contemplative "Autumn" that shows a quieter side of the Steepwater Band. The title cut reminds me of anthemic country rock songs of the 70's, and shows that these guys can play traditional blues and classic rock with equal aplomb. If you like your blues or rock turned up to 11, Dharmakaya is for you. It's been in my CD player in 2004 more often than not, loud and proud, thanks to "Dharmakaya." I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I still check to mooch their excellent "Steady Rollin' Man," "She's Nineteen Years Old" or their performance of "Chicken Shack" Pinetop Perkins. Even if the downloads take several minutes to land on your computer, they are all well worth the wait.

Track List:

Gettin' By * Dead Horse * Back to the Bottle * Dharmakaya * Oh I Wept * Jammin' Down Southern * Black Cats Path * Waiting on the Devil * House is Burning * Autumn * Ride Free * Another Cold Letdown

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