Musicbazz aims to provide its members and users with a means by which they may communicate in order to buy, sell or exchange items which are directly or indirectly associated with music.

It is our belief that the format of this site will convenience both buyers and sellers, professional and private ones, as all items appear under both broadly defined styles as well as highly specialized styles for those seeking music in specific fields.

In order for one to sell items on Musicbazz he or she must sign up and become a member with his or her own password.

Members upload their lists of items which are to be sold or traded. Any additional information that the potential buyer needs to know, apart from that which appears in the box (name, price, etc), can be mentioned in the designated box that appears when the interested party presses the more button. Sellers are not charged for the lists they post. Musicbazz charges a fee for any transaction that takes place (the commission is 5% on sales excluding shipping costs and 2 euros on trades for each party regardless of the cost). Once a buyer places an order, the seller confirms the availability of the items. With regard to the shipment, the seller sends an invoice along with the items and the buyer confirms the arrival of the package and posts feedback on the seller.

Benefits of Introducing New Users
Any member who introduces ten new users will receive a discount of 40% on the commission he would normally be charged on his or her sales for a period of one month (the charge drops from 5 to 3%). This is valid only for the first ten new users. Any user who then introduces ninety more users to create a total of one hundred will receive a discount of 100% on the commission he would normally be charged for a period of one month. New users who are taken into consideration in order to reduce the commission are considered to be those who mention the member in question as the person who introduced them in the “introduced by” section of the sign up page.

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